The Bar

The Bar at Shenanigans is hugely popular with locals, expats and tourists.  Our service team is second-to-none and we have got easily the best pool table in town. With a fully stocked top shelf as well as a complete range of local spirits and beers you can kick back in air-conditioned comfort, watch the footy on the big screen and if you get hungry we've got a comprehensive menu featuring both local and western favorites for your enjoyment!

Pool Table at Shenanigans Bar And Inn, La Union
How's that for a pool table?
Thirsty? We've got you covered with a full bar
You're spoiled for choice when it comes to what to drink.

Shenanigans floor show stage
Have a seat around the stage to catch our floor show

Shenanigans Bar
We love to have a laugh and the relaxed decor reflects that

Booth seats next to the pool table
Got a big group?  Grab a big booth!

I like to surround myself wtih people who share in my inappropriate comments, sarcasmand random shenanigans
This really sums our approach to life up

Big Screen
Catch all the action on the big screen!

2 hour happy hours EVERY day of the week
Turn up early for our drinks specials and beat the heat in the aircon!